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COVID-19 Announcement

Chiropractic has been designated as an Essential Healthcare Service.

We are open now - we are working by appointments only. For everyone’s safety we are not taking walk in patients. Please call 305 693-0033.

  • Due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 we are taking the necessary pre-cautions to protect our patients and staff. For the time being we will be implementing new guidelines for patient care. Our staff has been trained on the latest COVID- 19 treatment protocols.

Before arriving to clinic:

  • We will contact patients to inquire about appointments and symptoms in the last 14 days.

    • Fever greater than 100.4 F. Loss of taste or smell.

    • Cough (productive or non-productive), Shortness of breath, or Sore throat

    • Bronchitis or respiratory infection

    • Digestive complaints including vomiting or diarrhea

    • Severe fatigue not associated with travel, myalgia, and arthralgia

    • Have you traveled outside the state or country in the last 14 days?

    • Have you had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 in the last 14 days?


  • Our staff has been trained on the latest Covid-19 treatment protocols

  • We ask our patient to come prepared with masks and gloves

    • Cloth covering or Sewn Cloth Face covering

  • We will prepare our waiting room to hold no more than four people at a time and six feet apart.

Upon arrival:

  • New patients and old patients will be asked to download forms and bring them in to appointment to delay time in our office.

  • Staff will take temperature with thermal non-contact temperature gauge.

  • Staff will be wearing personal protective equipment to assist and treat patients

  • Upon arrival patients will be instructed to call our office to notify us of their arrival. Patients will be notified by text or phone call that there may be a delay in their appointment.

  • We advise our patients to wait outside or in the car until appointment time

  • There will be identification of six feet in our office.

  • We will attempt to make the office as touchless a process as possible.

After assessment:

Each room will be disinfected for new patient using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved cleaning chemicals with label claims against the coronavirus. We advise our patients to wash their hands and other frequently touched objects after treatment -PHONE , KEYS